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At Exo, we use artificial intelligence and the latest technologies to make the optimal investment decision for every person, every trading day.

One size doesn’t fit all

We’re all different, and our investment portfolios should be too. So with Exo, every single portfolio is created on an individual basis, and are then managed that way too. This means every decision Exo makes is based on you and your situation, not the average of a group.

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An outlet for your ideas

Whether it’s sector, style or region, we believe your portfolio should be able to reflect your preferences and attitude to risk, which is why you can choose to customise where you focus your portfolio.

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Goal-based strategies

Rather than add in a number of individual preferences, you can instead choose a strategy to wrap it in (such as SRI (Socially Responsible Investing), high growth, emerging markets, etc.).

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AI controlled allocation

If you’re new to investing or simply can’t decide how you’d like to invest, you can leave all the decision-making to Exo, knowing that your portfolio is still being designed around you and your goals.

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Active risk management

We take a cost effective vehicle, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), and use our algorithms to actively identify the optimal allocation to hold in your portfolio each day, tweaking and fine-tuning as the markets move.

Active risk management

30 years of refinement

The algorithms and methodologies we use have been optimised and tested for decades, proactively managing people’s money through a wide variety of market conditions.

30 years of refinement

The problem with being human

Emotion and subconscious bias often sits behind the majority of poor investment decisions, so we’ve taken those inherent dangers of being human out of the investment process. It’s time to swap the suits for algorithms.

The problem with being human

Plan for your future

Passive investing vehicles such as ETFs are proven to be an effective long-term investment strategy. Exo doesn’t just pick and hold a portfolio for you though, it manages your portfolio on a daily basis, taking an active approach to risk management to try and achieve the optimal allocation.

This is an approach with a track record of creating a smoother investment journey, meaning you can plan for your future more effectively.

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Diversified portfolios

Every portfolio we create for each of our clients is built through an independent selection process which balances factors such as geography, sector and volatility to help ensure it’s successfully diversified.

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Daily portfolio analysis

The markets aren’t static, so your portfolio shouldn’t be either. Each portfolio is reviewed on a daily basis, with Exo analysing real-time data aiming to deliver a smoother investment journey and helping you get the best return from your money.

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Unlimited rebalancing

Reaching your optimal portfolio shouldn’t be constrained by fees. No matter how many times we optimise and rebalance your portfolio, or you decide to change your investment focus, you’ll still pay the same low fixed monthly fee.

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